2013 Version Update

I have posted the new version of For All X, the Lorain County Remix. The changes are listed below.

Chap 1: Fixed the example arguments in chapter 1 and created a bibliography for the whole book using BibTex.

Chap 2: Created new problems for chapter 2 to be sure each problem set had at least one problem of each type in it and to be sure that there were two of each type of problem set (except the last one.) Reorganized the material in section 2.4 and fixed some wording to focus on recursive definitions and explain why we are introducing all these technical terms.

Chap 3: Changed all the double turnstiles so they are coded the same. Changed three dots to double turnstiles as appropriate. Doubled the size of the last problem set and moved things around so that there were two of each type of problem set. Checked to see that all problems sequenced correctly. Moved the section on expressive completeness to the body of the chapter.

Chap 4: Added opening section reviewing what happened last chapter and previewing what will happen this one. Rearranged the problems in section 4.1 into matching pairs and played with the formatting. Changed some wording in 4.2, added 13 new derivation problems, and arranged the problems into matching pairs and sequenced for difficulty. Changed some wording in 4.3. Added five problems and worked on sequencing. Changed some wording, rearranged problems and added three problems to section 4.4. Created a new section 4.5 on proving equivalences and tautologies. Important a paragraph, and example, and four problems from the old 4.4 and then added 2 pages of material with a new example. Also added 12 problems. Added a table to section 4.9 and reworked it to fit with the new 4.5. Expanded key term list at the end. Added 15 problems to 4.9 and fixed sequencing.

Chap 5: Rewrote the section introducing wffs, because the term is no longer introduced in chapter 2. Reformatted stuff.

Chap 7: moved two problem sets back out from the comments, because the text now includes the stuff on models in QL, which the students need to do those problems.

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